20 Years ago Kamal H. Maharaj together with his wife Vanita Maharaj were inspired by the knowledge of the divine Hindu literature to create a 'facility' were youth could come together to:

•Learn cultural and spiritual awareness
•Practice meditation and yoga
•Learn traditional and contemporary forms of dance using traditional musical Instruments
•Develop a love and appreciation for the creative arts
•Participate in stimulating discussions and listen to inspiring talks presented by learned speakers from various institutions
•Develop Leadership skills and become assets within society

Vanita ji an educator for more than 20 years, (choreographer, playwright, Leadership Camp Head Master) and Kamal ji Head of Eastern languages KZN, Life coach and Camp coordinator with 30 years experience in multi-faceted skills development methodology could see that children needed an avenue that provided holistic development in conjunction with the academics of the schooling system.


Camps would be the answer, 7 days, 6 nights all inclusive of meals, accommodation, activities and transport. Here kids learn valuable ideals, shared knowledge, show cased their talent and found answers to many burning questions plaguing the youth of today. Shakti both flexible and adaptable started providing camps for various projects. Some of which are:

•A ten day Drama Training camp for youth to come together for uninterrupted full rehearsal and training resulting in 6 highly successful' Theatre Productions to date.
•Practice meditation and yoga
•An adults camp for adults and seniors who have a zest for life
•Kids camps for toddlers to tweens

Vasudhaiva kutumbakam • The world is on family

These camps are put together to meet the various needs of youth and others within the communities. With the aid of the newspaper turned magazine, Vishwa Shakti (VS) can also provide resources in hard copy for a broader audience, extending the reach into the community at large and thus for more than 13 years the publication provides information for both seniors, adults and youth alike. Covering topics like Healthy Eating, Yoga Practice, Motivational Stories for children, Vedic Mathematics, News from around the world, Research & Advancement & much more!

Goals and Objectives


Provide School

Our goal is to eventually provide a School for youth to come together to share knowledge, Iearn important life skills, generate ideas and make a valuable contribution to the community.

Retreat Resort

To build a school that will provide many cultural, spiritual and academic seminars /classes and workshops by skilled individuals for the community. This will be a centre that anyone can come to for help/advice or share ideas and knowledge. Resources will be at their disposal and a helping hand will always be present to offer guidance and advice.


With camps being a major institution of a well rounded mix of intellectual learning, spiritual learning and valuable life skills, a fully functioning school ‘will provide the steady foundation from which all camps can be planned and hosted.

Spark Questions

Rather than provide just answers we aim to spark the questions among all those within our community. Questions almost always leads to more questions thus you are always on a quest for knowledge so our spiritual and intellectual growth will forever climb to newer heights.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers