VS Magazine

The Magazine

What started off initially as a newspaper that ran for 10 years developed into a more streamlined, clean cut magazine, professional and appealing to everyone young and old. The magazine’s attractive high gloss cover, new logo design and exciting articles drew in new readers and held tighter onto its ardent readers of what was a newspaper. It was accepted warmly by the public and for the last 5 years we have circulated our magazines.

Who reads Vishwa Shakti magazines?

Even back in the day as a newspaper publication there was always a keen interest from people wanting to know more about culture, spirituality, healthy living and a good regime of exercises. They have found all of this within our newspaper and carried over into our magazines. Fitness fundis wanting to stay fit and eat right, the average householder just wanting to be healthy and stay in shape, curious individuals wanting to learn something new about themselves, spirituality or culture, or in need of a motivational encounter have all got all this and more from our magazine.