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Ram & Sita

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About Us

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A facility for youth to learn cultural & spiritual awareness

20 Years ago Kamal H. Maharaj together with his wife Vanita Maharaj were inspired by the knowledge of the divine Hindu literature to create a 'facility' were youth could come together .
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Camps are put together to meet the various needs of youth and others

Vishwa Shakti both flexible and adaptable started providing camps for various projects. Kids learn valuable ideals, shared knowledge, and show cased their talent

Reboot Yoga Camp 2023

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Sri Jagannath Puri Temple Restoration

The 114 year old Sri Jagannath Puri Temple is the oldest and tallest temple structure in Tongaat. Vishwa Shakti has embarked on a temple restoration project to restore this great monumant back to its former glory. The temple is used as centre for Vishwa Shakit's community and youth development organizations projects namely their dance and drama school and youth student workshops.

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Student motivation workshops

Vishwa Shakti hosts a student motivation workshop aimed at grade 8 to matric students. Presentation on study skills, concentration, focus exercises, career advice, matric motivation and yoga and mediation for creating balance.
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Annual Golf Day Fundraiser

The Vishwa Shakti team come together with golfer, advertisers and sponsors to enjoy a great day of golf

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  • “Vishwa Shakti has played an integral role in moulding me into the individual I am today. I have gained confidence, explored my passion for dance, developed my leadership skills and grown to appreciate my culture. The journey so far has been a thrilling one, and I look forward to what the future holds for me as a part of this spiritual organisation.”
    Vayuri Moodley
    Student UKZN
  • “Vishwa Shakti has been a very inspirational experience for me. I have learned more about my culture in a fun and interactive way. It has been a family like environment that has supported and uplifted the youth of the Indian community”.
    Kishaan Ramruthan
    University Student, UKZN
  • “I have been with Vishwa Shakti for just under three years, attending seven Vishwa Shakti Camps. During this time I have thoroughly enjoyed these exciting camps, making many new friends and growing as an individual.”
    Rushern Chetty,Grade
    12 Student
  • “I have been with Vishwa Shakti since I was 6 years old. The teachings and family that I have gained via Vishwa Shakti have made me the person I am today. I have gained so many different skills with Vishwa Shakti, some I never knew I could even attempt.”
    Sanesh Singh
    Graduate Bcom Law, UKZN
  • “Vishwa Shakti has played an integral role in shaping me, as a person: physically, intellectually and spiritually. Through my involvement at Vishwa Shakti, I have grown to become more aware of my own strengths and to challenge my weaknesses. I have had, and continue to have extremely fulfilling, wholesome and most importantly, fun experiences with my Vishwa Shakti family!”
    Kalindi Naidoo
    Commissioning Engineer